Climate Reality Leadership Training

In March, Karin Nordström was selected to attend training in climate, climate crisis and its solutions held by former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his organisation Climate Reality Corps. Except from Al Gore, there was a diverse set of experts speaking, roundtable discussions and practical training. During the training, activists from all […]

Roundtable – Future of Food at Rutabaga

In November, Mathias Dahlgren and his restaurant Rutabaga invited people from different professions, where everyone has a connection to food, to discuss food and the future. The conversation highlighted the challenges we face to create sustainable development in food and gastronomy – from agriculture and producers to innovative food experiences, restaurant culture and everyday life […]

Huddle for Good at Mindshare

FOOD – How do we live climate-savvy in the city? Overshoot day – The day of ecological debt occurred in August 2. That’s when we’ve finished this year’s budget of renewable resources. At the same time, population growth increases with about one Malmö per day, by 2050, we will live in cities, at least 70% […]

Flytta ihop med Laila & Hassan

Inför vårens flyttplanering skapade Fortum tillsammans med hållbarhetsexperten Karin Nordström hållbara tips på hur alla steg i flyttfasen kan göras mer miljövänliga. Totalt tio utvalda tips beskriver hur flyttprocessen kan göras mer hållbar, allt från planeringsfasen fram till själva flyttdagen.  Innan det är dags att flytta till en ny bostad ska det planeras, rensas, packas och städas. […]

Sustainability in Swedish Architects Interim Report 2017

“Just as there is requirement for a certain number of parking spaces, it would in the future just as well be similar claims for example clothing collection stations and collection of food waste, which then turned into biogas.” 5 pages about sustainability in Swedish Architects Interim Report 2017. Interview with Karin Nordström among others within […]