Roundtable – Future of Food at Rutabaga

In November, Mathias Dahlgren and his restaurant Rutabaga invited people from different professions, where everyone has a connection to food, to discuss food and the future. The conversation highlighted the challenges we face to create sustainable development in food and gastronomy – from agriculture and producers to innovative food experiences, restaurant culture and everyday life at home.


Mathias Dahlgren: One of Sweden’s top chefs. Closed 2016 two-star dining room to open the lacto-ovo-vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga. Wants to inspire more people to long for vegetarian food and thus create change.

Staffan Naess: Chef Staffan Naess has been responsible for the kitchen at Mathias Dahlgren’s restaurants, Rutabaga and Matbaren. Staffan’s cooking is characterized by a great respect for the raw ingredient and its natural flavours.

Elin Peters: Food editor in Dagens Nyheter. One of Sweden’s most well-established journalists who primarily monitors the development of the restaurant scene and trends linked to food.

Mats-Eric Nilsson: Journalist (SvD and Hunger) and author focusing on debate and report books on food and food quality. Has won prizes for strengthening Swedish consumers’ consumer knowledge in the food sector.

Gustav Johansson: Runs the vegetarian blog Jävligt Gott, which is one of Sweden’s largest blogs for vegetarian food.. He wants to inspire good and easy food and highlight that meat is not a necessary component.

David Frenkiel: Runs, togehter with his wife, the blog Green Kitchen Stories and has released four vegetarian cookbooks that have had great success all over the world. They want to inspire more people to eat healthy vegetarian food.

Natalie de Brun: Co-founder of Grönska, that works with vertical cultivation. It is an innovative cultivation system that enables them to produce crops indoors all year in an urban environment.

Hans Naess: Educated agronomist and food missionary who cares for locally produced food and wants us to talk more about what we actually eat. Has become known as the one that brings together people from the food chain’s various links to talk about food. Runs Gastronomiska samtal (Gastronomic Conversations).

Pelle Bosta: Works at Grönsakshallen, which for many years deliveres vegetables to Stockholm’s top restaurants.

Line Gordon: Associate Professor at Stockholm Resilience Center, an international research center for sustainability science. She is also in the board of EAT Foundation. Lines research revolves around the socioeconomic management of the planet focusing on food production.

Moderator Karin Nordström: Economist and entrepreneur, working with sustainability issues through the company Hellolittlefuture. In the Board of Äkta vara, which works with questions about better food quality; fewer additions.

Read the roundtable talk here (in Swedish)

Rundabordssamtal hos Rutabaga, nov 2017


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