Bread & Table

A new collaboration with the owners of Bread & Table, Brunkebergs Bageri and Brioche has started. The mission is to gather the values and set the fundamentals for a future sustainability strategy.

Program idea and content for Samhällsbyggarna

Hellolittlefuture was honored to create the idea, content and text for the seminar program for Samhällsbyggarna in Almedalen 2016. Read more. The seminar was recorded and you may watch it here.  

Are we reaching the end of the consumer society?

The 9th of March 2016, The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) hosted an interesting seminar on sustainable consumption. The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets is a cross-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder research center. Research is meant to be collaborative and draws on actors from academia, business and policy to understand and create research-based and business relevant […]

SHH Svenska Hyreshus

Housing production company SHH wanted to set a vision for their sustainability work. Hellolittlefuture had the honor of the mission to inspire, set a vision and hold a workshop around new business opportunities through sustainable development of the different business areas of the company. The approach was to integrate sustainability into the core business.