Sustainability in Swedish Architects Interim Report 2017

“Just as there is requirement for a certain number of parking spaces, it would in the future just as well be similar claims for example clothing collection stations and collection of food waste, which then turned into biogas.” 5 pages about sustainability in Swedish Architects Interim Report 2017. Interview with Karin Nordström among others within […]

Buy Tickets to Futureperfect 2013!

Next week 15-17th of August, this year´s version of Futureperfect will occur. The place is in beautiful Grinda, in the archipelago outside Stockholm. Pro-dialogues, Co-creation sessions, Futurelab, Food and Music will be served. Read more and buy your tickets here! Warmly Welcome! [youtube=]

Ideas are Boundless – Hellolittlefuture at The Meetingpoint 2013, Borlänge

Hellolittlefuture proudly presents that Karin Nordström will speak at The Meetingpoint 2013 24-25th of June, in Borlänge, Sweden. Theme of the speech will approach that ideas are boundless. With cross-fertilization of disciplines and ideas, real innovation can be reached. Among experienced speakers as Per Granqvist and Global Focus, Hellolittlefuture is happy to add a perspective and […]

FUTUREPERFECT 2013 – Grinda Island 15-17th of August

This year, Futureperfect runs for the third year. This time it is at Grinda in the Archipelago of Stockholm. The festival focuses on Arts, Design, Film, Food, Music, Business and Sustainability. The Program concept consists of Exploration, Music & Arts, Living Well, Co-Creation and Futureperfect PRO. Exploration: Panel Debate “Forums”. Music & Arts: Bands, Film, […]

Peter Burggraaff – Senior Advisor in Strategy for Hellolittlefuture

Since september 2012, Peter Burggraaff has kindly taken the responsibility of being senior advisor in strategy for Hellolittlefuture. Burggraaff is principal at Boston Consulting Group, based in London, UK. Information from Burggraaff´s Linkedin Profile: “I have worked with businesses around the world in different IT focussed roles. My activities have a strong focus on reviewing […]