Peter Burggraaff – Senior Advisor in Strategy for Hellolittlefuture

Since september 2012, Peter Burggraaff has kindly taken the responsibility of being senior advisor in strategy for Hellolittlefuture. Burggraaff is principal at Boston Consulting Group, based in London, UK.

Information from Burggraaff´s Linkedin Profile: “I have worked with businesses around the world in different IT focussed roles. My activities have a strong focus on reviewing and improving the technology & operational platform and/or the (IT) organisation to achieve business goals.

Working with ambitious people in exciting organisations and making a difference is what makes my work so interesting!

Specialties:Strategic planning, design and implementation of an (IT) organisation (incl. outsourcing) and enterprise architecture to support a business now and in the future. I mostly enjoy working with consumer goods and retail organizations.”

This is highly valuable help that Hellolittlefuture is very thankful to!

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