Karolina Lisslö – New board member of Hellolittlefuture!

Today, Hellolittlefuture can proudly announce that Miss Karolina Lisslö is now a member of the board of Hellolittlefuture Strategic CSR AB.

Karolina Lisslö has a competent track record of working with eco-system services by being the founder and CEO of Bee Urban, since five years. Bee Urban offers sponsorship of beehives to companies in the urban environment. The hives are places primarily on rooftops around the city, either on the property of the sponsor or locations that Bee Urban has sought out. Bee Urban caters for the upkeep of the hives and the honey is accrued by the sponsor. The honey is packaged in a format that conveys the sponsors initiative for helping the environment in a positive, innovative and tangible manner. Karolina also offers lectures about eco-system services and the importance of bees and their work, as inspiration, kick-off, educational and by interest. Karolina holds a degree in Biology and is truly an inspirational social entrepreneur.

Hellolittlefuture and the CEO Karin Nordström warmly welcomes Karolina to the board!

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