Karin Nordström is now licensed in Sustainability – Step by Natural Step

Sustainability – Step by Natural Step is a course from The Natural Step.

The course is designed to help learners access and understand sustainability concepts and apply them to day-to-day business, community and personal decision-making.  Each course includes:

  • A structured overview of key sustainability concepts including systems thinking and backcasting; scientific and sustainability principles; and a step-by-step process for strategic planning and decision-making in complex systems (business, government etc).
  • Real-life case studies and interactive activities that present current social, ecological and economic issues and help learners apply theoretical knowledge to practical business and community situations.
  • An extensive resource section including relevant information on the state of the world, the science of sustainability and the TNS framework along with lessons from leaders, tools and more than eighty business and community case studies from around the world.
  • A final exam and personalized certificate that recognizes the learner’s accomplishment.

Karin Nordström, CEO of Hellolittlefuture, has now passed the examination and has obtained the certificate.

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