Sustainable Valuation Methods

PwC presents in an interesting paper an expanded shareholder value framework to accommodate the intangible benefits of sustainability initiatives. The difficulties with quantifying the benefits could be solved with both direct and indirect valuation methods. In this way it is easier to analyze, prioritize and measure the contribution sustainability initiatives make to shareholder value. Though, […]

The Key to Sustainable Commerce

The world’s largest companies hold the key to setting global commerce on an environmentally sustainable path. The leaders have realized that their biggest impacts are often outside of their direct control, in their supply chains. Apparel maker Puma, for instance, has calculated that over 90 percent of the environmental costs of water use and greenhouse […]

Sustainable Business Spending in UK – 20 Times Faster than UK GDP Growth

With the concept of sustainable business well established, many companies claim to be working to minimise their impact on the planet while developing more sustainable products and services. Increasingly, such efforts are seen less as part of building a reputation as a responsible business and more as part of risk management strategies and the development of […]

Responsible Investment: Creating Value from Environmental, Social and Governance Issues

Responsible investment is an investment approach founded on the view that the effective management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is not only the right thing to do, but is also fundamental to creating value. Responsible investors believe that companies which are successful in avoiding ESG risks whilst capturing ESG opportunities will outperform over […]

IKEA: “We Love Wood” – Well to What Prize?

IKEA, through its wholly owned subsidiary Swedwood, contributes to devastation of the unique virgin forests in search for wood. Supported by large, well known environmental organizations, this devastation can go on. Meanwhile, these organizations get multi-million amounts of money. IKEA´s communication emphasizes  its sustainability work and assures that all wood derives from sustainable and responsible forestry. […]