New Collaboration with People People

Hellolittlefuture have started a new collaboration with the design studio People People. The collaboration aims to the design of a Code of Conduct regarding the production and launch of a new product, designed by People People. More information will be announced when the product is official. People People is based in Stockholm and offers design […]

Hellolittlefuture is now ambassador and volunteer for Hungerprojektet

Karin Nordström is helping Hungerprojektet for the organization of Hållbart Ledarskap 2012 (Sustainable Leadership 2012). Read more. Hungerprojektet is an organization with the mission to eliminate hunger in the world. Through the method Vision-Commitment-Action, the organization gives prerequisites for people to empower. With 375 000 volunteers all over the world the organization is making a […]

Hellolittlefuture contributor to Intelligent Mindsets

Intelligent Mindsets offers consulting, executive coaching, education and training programs and exploration workshops in order to help leverage your leadership capabilities and become more strategic. Read more about the company and what they offer. Hellolittlefuture can proudly present that we are now a contributor to this network.

FuturePerfect Festival 2012

FuturePerfect Festival 2012 – Ö – takes place 23-26 August, at Vaxholm, Sweden. Three incredible days and nights of inspiration, creativity, exchange, passion, and relaxation offering world-class summer music festival inspiration & exchange with world-leaders in sustainable enterprise, science, design, media and more high-quality health and well-being experiences creative and collaborative facilitation, enabling personal action and […]