Collaboration with Telegram Digital Studios

Hellolittlefuture has started a collaboration with Telegram Digital Studios offering strategic planning for Telegram Digital Studios and their clients. This collaboration is a long-term agreement starting in late of May 2015.

“It’s not very hard to be a true expert when it comes to this brave new world of apps. All you have to be good at is interactivity, connectivity, usability, user experience, interaction design, responsive solutions, social media, emerging tech, platforms, APIs and the weird rules in the App Store. Anyone can do that. Or at least we can.” – Telegram Digital Studios.

“Telegram combines three offerings into one: music, books and apps. We can see how these things are connected and how they derive from each other, and drive each other. Telegram’s purpose for combining the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful in all three disciplines is to be able to offer talents and brands one crucial thing: fame. We promise to help you get the attention you deserve. Now.” – Telegram Studios.

Telegram is in the front line and makes use of all current technical opportunities in the music market. A market where the greatest part is digital. In 1987 Telegram signed Titiyo as the first artist in a line still unbroken. As a new indie label, Telegram pioneered Swedish dance music talents for the international market.