SPP: Spelet om framtiden, Umeå 17th of September

Anyone who invests in sustainable enterprise often get a head start. Are you ready to run past your competitors?

Karin Nordström from Hellolittlefuture will inspire you during the day.

Time: 17th of September at 13.45 – 17.00
Location: Folkets Hus, Skolgatan 59, Umeå

Sustainability is no longer about having a good conscience. Instead, it’s about profitability and survival. SPP sees more clearly how sustainable businesses and sustainable business having a greater advantage.

But what are the links between sustainability and profitability? What investments need to be made? How should we think? To answer these questions, SPP arranges a tour of inspiration called “The game of the future.” As local business owners, you participate actively for a few hours and get to develop the lessons and knowledge from other Swedish company that works with sustainability. Additionally, we collect inspiration from SPP Global Top 100, an SPP fund that only invests in sustainable enterprises.

During the day you will meet Karin Bodin, CEO Polarbröd, Michael Jalmby, ESAM, Karin Nordström, CEO Hellolittlefuture, Jesper Jonsteg, Hållbart Näringsliv.

Take the opportunity to give your business an edge over your competitors. Sign up today to the game of the future!

A warm welcome!

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