Campaign #Perspektiv is launched!

Sweden 2013:

Today the artist Mange Schmidt and Karin Nordström from Hellolittlefuture start a campaign together with Peepoople in order to collect money for important sanitary solutions in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. With the campaign #perspektiv we want to do something positive as a continuing of the high-profiled trial against Mange, where he was acquitted. We want to match the sum of 15 000 SEK that is the estimated bill of the trial and donate this achieved full sum to disposable toilets for school kids in Kibera. Peepoo is a smart solution that cleans the feces and turns it into high nutritional manure.

Kenya 2013:

More than 2.5 billion people in the world lack sanitary possibilities. Not having a toilet causes enormous social and health problems. One kid dies in diarrhea every 15 seconds due to polluted water, caused by among others the lack of sanitary options. Peepoople has designed a new toilet named Peepoo. It is a single use, self-hygienizing, made out of biopolymers and that within a couple of weeks can be used as manure.

Since 2010 Peepoo is accessible in one of the world´s largest slum areas, Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. Since the toilets were introduced in Kibera, kids and adults experience that they have become healthier, a cleaner environment and that less kids and women are exposed to the threat of being raped with a toilet possibility at home. During the fall 2012 Peepoo School Programme was introduced with fundraising to give kids in informal schools within the slums, Peepoo toilets, water, soap and hygiene training.

15 000 SEK equals 50 000 toilet visits for school kids in Kibera. Help us to collect this and start a conversation about perspective on resource allocation in the world.

You can donate via WyWallet, where you pick a sum and receiving number +46738556655.

Alternatively, via Handelsbanken: 6123 726 988 308 KONTO or 172-2370 BANKGIRONR

Warm regards and thankfulness from Hellolittlefuture, Mange Schmidt and Peepoople Kenya.

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