Collaboration with White Arkitekter and Barthel for Biodiversity

Hellolittlefuture is now a proud member of the design team together with White Arkitekter and Barthel AB for the design competition The Green Architecture Competition This competition was announced by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I); an open, two-stage international competition for designers in the architecture industry. “The aim of the competition is to stimulate and collect innovative (design) proposals on how architecture, urban design & planning, and landscape architecture could contribute to maintain and improve our biodiversity.”

The team of White and Barthel was selected for the second round of the competition and Hellolittlefuture has now joined into the project group for the second stage.

“The key word is to evoke a greater awareness to the broad society in our daily interactions with urban ecosystems. We need to engage civil society in designs and management of the urban spaces.”

Presentation in Amsterdam in July 2012.

Team members: White Arkitekter, Barthel AB, Karin Nordström (Hellolittlefuture AB), Sanna Frese and Therese Glimskär

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