Karin Nordström, Founder of Hellolittlefuture

This company started in February 2012. The company offers business development towards a sustainable profitable business.

With a Master´s in management, the founder and CEO, Karin Nordström has gained skills to develop companies and with the experience of working with design and communication around different companies Ms Nordström also have profound skills of placing them on the market and the ability to grasp a holistic view on business problems.

Ms Nordström has experience of design proposals for NASA, Houston and for village development in Tanzania. This was work done in 2002/2003 where the extreme environment, with crucial resources for a sustainable future was core issues. Design proposals with a system-thinking and cradle-to-cradle approach were the beginning of a deeper understanding of solving social, technical and environmental problems.

Later on in 2007/2008, Ms Nordström worked with the program of the Swedish participation at the World Expo Shanghai, where the overall theme was

“Better city – Better life”. The master thesis connected the issues of a huge population growth in cities, the forced moving process of local people, the Swedish brand-platform and the controversy in a Swedish participation in a regime as China with a theme that emphazed harmony.

Regards from Karin Nordström:

After two Master´s degrees,  MSc In General Management from Stockholm School of Economics and a Master of Architecture from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, and some years of professional experience as an architect I have had a time to think about what actually engaged my thoughts during the architectural education. I realized that I look upon my design skills as an architect that identify problems and design a puzzle to solve it.

My Master thesis at Stockholm School of Economics was in collaboration with Bukowskis: I approached the company for a project, where I developed a strategy regarding a potential change of facilities. In this analytical and creative project I combined the use of market analysis and customer survey, theory and my former experience in design processes. I really enjoyed associating hard and soft factors to propose an expanded business model.

My Master thesis, at the Architecture School in Lund was regarding Sweden in the World Expo Shanghai: I was concerned about the low engagement about Swedish Architecture abroad, from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign affairs and wanted to do a project the facilitated the process. I approached different actors that I believed would be of interest in the process, visited Shanghai and the site, proposed a program for the Swedish participation and after examination I held an additional presentation where I invited key people from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Swedish Association of Architects to address the initial problem.

Working at White Arkitekter AB, I was mostly working with the planning of New Karolinska Solna: A complex project regarding the future ward of New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, where I was responsible for parts of the planning and workshops, presenting for the top management. This has given me experience of working with people from different disciplines, an understanding for complex challenges and an ability to meet deadline oriented deliverables. It was a challenging project requiring flexibility, drive and motivation skills.

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