Green stock portfolio strikes

Veckans Affärers Sustainable portfolio, where ten stocks are summarized for a long term perspective investment, is still going strong. Since the start in November 2009, the portfolio has had a return on investment 29 percent versus index (OMXS) 16 percent.  


Reflections from the Startup Weekend in San Jose

Hellolittlefuture was founded at the San Jose StartUp Weekend. Please take a look at the first presentation (Hellolittlefuture presentation starts at 1:32:00) [ustream vid=20106369 hid=0 w=608 h=368] For a breakdown of the weekend, please see this informative description by Naureen Nayar


Flagship raises $270M for green and health technologies

Flagship Ventures, a VC firm focusing on technologies for healthcare and sustainability, has closed its 2011 fundraising efforts with $270 million in the bank.  “Despite the difficult environment for fundraising, especially for early-stage venture firms, we received strong support from our prior investors, as well as from several new important limited partners. We believe that […]


Scientists turn seaweed into fuel

The next time you get an order of miso soup, take a look at the seaweed lurking in your bowl. That same type of seaweed could some day power your car.    


Research to Reality

How can we use our high-tech design methods to develop designs that respond to the environment and function in a low-tech way? Students from SCI-Arc Living Green Easy were guided by SOM DesignerAjmal Aqtash, seeking to develop an environmentally sensitive architectural solutions which require simple fabrication techniques, do not limit formal and architectural expression, and can be deployed practically and […]