Clean water from chemicals with sunlight

This invention project was published as an article in Svenska Dagbladet fall 2011, and Hellolittlefuture is now in the process of having this as a pilot project for funding. Until today, textile company Indiska has invested capital, but still the project is in need for more. Could there be other actors with a common interest […]

Green stock portfolio strikes

Veckans Affärers Sustainable portfolio, where ten stocks are summarized for a long term perspective investment, is still going strong. Since the start in November 2009, the portfolio has had a return on investment 29 percent versus index (OMXS) 16 percent.  

Reflections from the Startup Weekend in San Jose

Hellolittlefuture was founded at the San Jose StartUp Weekend. Please take a look at the first presentation (Hellolittlefuture presentation starts at 1:32:00) [ustream vid=20106369 hid=0 w=608 h=368] For a breakdown of the weekend, please see this informative description by Naureen Nayar

Flagship raises $270M for green and health technologies

Flagship Ventures, a VC firm focusing on technologies for healthcare and sustainability, has closed its 2011 fundraising efforts with $270 million in the bank.  “Despite the difficult environment for fundraising, especially for early-stage venture firms, we received strong support from our prior investors, as well as from several new important limited partners. We believe that […]

Scientists turn seaweed into fuel

The next time you get an order of miso soup, take a look at the seaweed lurking in your bowl. That same type of seaweed could some day power your car.